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  The wireless ad hoc network digital communication equipment developed by the company in 2018 not only has advanced technology, It not only has advanced technology, reliable quality and powerful functions, but also realizes the unique function of automatic co frequency relay in complex environment. For example, n machines can realize co frequency relay in straight, circular, star, ring, mesh and other environmental conditions, without fear of CO frequency signal overlap. It is not only small in size, and each machine is a walkie talkie and an automatic co frequency transfer device, which can instantly network communication, can realize effective communication of hundreds of kilometers without relying Other network, and is the only reliable emergency self-organizing network communication equipment in the market at present.

  Product features:

1. The company's unique dmr-c encryption technology is used to support RF spread spectrum and frequency hopping; audio and RF are encrypted at the same time, effectively avoiding the enemy's intentional interception and interference of equipment, and a new architecture line, effectively ensuring the normal use of the machine even in a long-term harsh environment, and also containing analog equipment.

2. The RF technology is optimized. When the power of the machine is 2W, the radiation is low, the distance and penetration are stronger than that of 10-15w on the market, and the same frequency and different frequency transfer are unlimited.

3. Small power, low radiation and strong distance. The novel anti-jamming technology is applicable to various complex environments. The unique encryption algorithm makes the eavesdropper flinch, even if the same frequency with other devices does not interfere with each other.

4. Multiple same frequency relays do not need to be equipped with expensive link equipment, novel RF chips, mainstream DSP codec chips, high-speed MCU, and their performance is superior to that of imported products

5. Through the optimized design of the RF architecture of the machine and the digital processing of all the signals, the machine sensitivity, RF power output and the stability of the whole machine can reach the best state even when the machine is in the same frequency to full duplex operation mode

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